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More people have started VUMERITY than any other brand-name pill for relapsing MS in the US since December 2020.* Could it be right for you? Take a look at the video below to find out more. 

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Watch to learn more about VUMERITY. Then, start a conversation with your healthcare provider to see if this treatment option could be a good fit.

*Based on the number of new MS prescriptions for the months December 2020 through August 2022 per IQVIA NPA New to Brand, Patient Insights® monthly NBRx.


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FEMALE VOICEOVER: Relapsing MS won’t tell me who to be.

Legal disclaimer: Actor portrayals.

SONG: Don’t tell me who to be…
I’m still me…
I’m still me…
I’m still me…
I’m still me…

[Music dips]

Legal disclaimer: Once it’s processed in the body, VUMERITY takes the same active form as dimethyl fumarate (DMF). The information from the clinical trials is DMF data.

FEMALE VOICEOVER: VUMERITY is a pill for adults with relapsing multiple sclerosis, including clinically isolated syndrome, relapsing-remitting disease, and active secondary progressive disease.

Legal disclaimer: VUMERITY is a prescription medicine used to treat people with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS), including clinically isolated syndrome, relapsing-remitting disease, and active secondary progressive disease in adults. It is not known if VUMERITY is safe and effective in children

FEMALE VOICEOVER: VUMERITY reduces relapses, which is a treatment goal in relapsing MS.

Legal disclaimer: In two studies vs placebo, DMF reduced the number of relapses by 53% (0.172 vs 0.364) and 44% (0.224 vs 0.401), respectively. DMF also reduced the risk of relapse by 49% (27% of people on DMF had a relapse vs 46% on placebo) and 34% (29% on DMF had a relapse vs 41% on placebo), respectively.

FEMALE VOICEOVER: VUMERITY also slows the development of brain lesions that are shown on MRIs.

Legal disclaimer: Study 1: Compared with placebo, DMF reduced the number of Gd+ lesions by 90%, new or newly enlarging T2 lesions by 85%, and new T1 lesions by 72%. Study 2: DMF reduced the number of new or newly enlarging lesions by 74%, 71%, and 57%, respectively. The link between brain lesions and the progression of relapsing MS has not been confirmed.

FEMALE VOICEOVER: And, VUMERITY may delay disability progression.

Legal disclaimer: Study 1: 16% of people on DMF had disability progression vs 27% on placebo. Study 2: 13% of people on DMF had disability progression vs 17% on placebo. There was no statistically significant effect on disability progression in Study 2.

FEMALE VOICEOVER: Since VUMERITY is a pill, you can take it from the comfort of home, or wherever your day takes you.



FEMALE VOICEOVER: Do not take VUMERITY if you are allergic to diroximel fumarate, dimethyl fumarate, or any of the ingredients in VUMERITY, or are taking dimethyl fumarate.

Legal disclaimer: Allergic reaction could include welts, hives, swelling of the face, lips, mouth or tongue, or difficulty breathing.

FEMALE VOICEOVER: VUMERITY may cause serious side effects, including allergic reactions, PML, a rare, potentially fatal brain infection, herpes zoster infections or shingles, including central nervous system infections, other serious infections, decreases in your white blood cell count, and liver problems.

Legal disclaimer: PML (progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy) is a rare brain infection that usually leads to death or severe disability.

FEMALE VOICEOVER: Your healthcare provider should check your white blood cell count and liver function before and during treatment.


FEMALE VOICEOVER: Tell your healthcare provider about any infections or other medical conditions. The most common side effects are flushing and stomach problems.

[Music up]

Legal disclaimer: These can happen especially at the start of treatment and may decrease over time.

SONG: I’m still me…
I’m still me…
I’m still me…


Legal disclaimer: If you take too much VUMERITY, call your healthcare provider or go to the nearest ER right away.


Legal disclaimer: Tell your healthcare provider if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to get pregnant or breastfeed.

FEMALE VOICEOVER: Ask your healthcare provider if VUMERITY is right for you.


Legal disclaimer:
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