Three steps to starting VUMERITY

As with any medication, it can be reassuring to know what to expect when getting started on treatment. VUMERITY® (diroximel fumarate) is an oral medication taken twice a day. And because it’s a pill, you can take it from the comfort of home or wherever your day takes you. Below is what you’ll need to do to get started.

Here's what you can expect:


Fill out the VUMERITY Start Form and bring it to the next appointment with your healthcare provider. You can even share this form during a telehealth visit.

Once the Start Form has been filled out by your healthcare provider, they will send it back to Biogen, the makers of VUMERITY. Your prescription will then be processed and sent to the specialty pharmacy to be filled.


Get a blood test to check your white blood cell count and liver function before you start treatment with VUMERITY. Your doctor will order this before you start taking VUMERITY. It’s worth asking about an at-home blood test, too.


Confirm your shipping address with the specialty pharmacy. For convenience, VUMERITY will be mailed right to your door.

Once you’re prescribed VUMERITY, you can get connected to a Biogen Support Coordinator who can help answer questions you have. A Nurse Educator is also available to answer your questions and provide information related to your relapsing MS and VUMERITY.

Although Nurse Educators can be a great resource, it’s important to remember that your healthcare provider is always your best source of information.

How will VUMERITY arrive?

VUMERITY is not available at your local pharmacy or through standard mail order service. Your healthcare provider and insurance company will place an order to ship it directly to you from a specialty pharmacy.