A closer look at what happens inside the cell

Although researchers aren’t exactly sure how VUMERITY® (diroximel fumarate) works against relapsing MS, we do know what happens to the body during times of inflammation and how the body responds. Keep reading for more on what happens inside the cells and how VUMERITY is thought to work.

During times of inflammation, the body produces toxins that can cause oxidative stress. When this oxidative stress builds up, it can damage cells or even destroy them in different parts of the body, including the central nervous system (CNS). Inflammation within the CNS can also cause oxidative stress, and oxidative stress may trigger more inflammation.

One way the body combats oxidative stress is through the Nrf2 pathway. This pathway is a complex communication system that defends cells against oxidative stress.

Although we don’t know exactly how VUMERITY works against relapsing MS, researchers have learned that the active form* of VUMERITY leads to activation of the Nrf2 pathway, which may help defend against oxidative stress. Talk to your doctor to learn more about your treatment options.

*Once it’s processed in the body.